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Petol Tubing Tongs

Petol Tubing Tongs

PETOL TUBING TONGS were the first "snap-on" tubing tongs on the market and their outstanding features make them a leader throughout the oil, mining and water well drilling industries. These tongs have a cam lever which can be used to open the jaw and to lock them on the tubing to assure positive grip.

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Petol Striking Wrench (6-pt. Straight)

Llave petol striking wrench

PETOL I-beam designed STRIKING WRENCHES features greater handle strength and the clearance in overall head diameter that is necessary when working with flange connections.

The large smooth striking surface reduces the hazard of glancing blows and lessens the chance of a rope slipping from the handle when maintaining tension on the wrench.

All PETOL Striking Wrenches are forged from alloy steel and properly heat-treated to guarantee specific Rockwell hardness for strength and maximum tool life.

The Gearench part number, stud size, and PETOL trademark are clearly marked on the handle of each wrench.

Petol striking wrench especificaciones

Titan Striking Face Box Wrench

Titan striking face box wrench

Gearench TITAN STRIKING FACE BOX WRENCH are drop-forged alloy steel with a 45° offset head and a 12 point opening.

The TITAN name, part number and opening size are clearly marked on each wrench.

Titan striking face box wrench especificaciones

Wear eye protection


Petol Suckerod Wrench

PETOL SUCKEROD WRENCHES are made of high-quality, heat-treated alloy steel and feature a smooth "snap-up" hammer-action to quickly break the toughest rod or coupling joint.





Petol Suckerod Spin Wrench

Petol suckerod spin wrench

PETOL SUCKEROD SPIN WRENCHES are used for making up rods when a "snap-up" type wrench is not necessary. They come in two sizes, are made of alloy steel, and are heat-treated to withstand rugged use.

Petol suckerod spin wrench especificaciones




Petol Surgrip Friction Tongs

Surgrip friction tongs petol

PETOL SURGRIP FRICTION TONGS are designed to makeup and breakout pump sections without marring the pump barrel or rod surfaces. Features of the Surgrip Friction Tong are its high quality steel construction, and the ability to ratchet after being applied to the pump, preventing frequent wrench adjustments

Surgrip friction tongs petol catalogo

Surgrip friction tongs petol catalogo2


Petol Friction Tongs W / Chain

Petol friction tongs w chain

PETOL FRICTION TONGS W / CHAIN were designed especially for holding and turning pipe that must be carefully protected. The tongs have no bits or teeth inserts to mar the surface and therefore must turn the pipe by friction alone. The tongs are easily applied and removed and cannot jam  or bind. Perfect ratcheting action and efficient performance are assured. When ordering, make sure to specify the exact O.D. on which the tongs are to be used.




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  • Las mordazas gancho se fabrican de acero de aleación especial para trabajos duros.
  • Conjunto de resortes planos y helicoidales que garantizan un apriete instantáneo de la tubería y una acción de carraca perfecta.
  • Mango forjado y sección en doble "T".
  • Fabricada según:


 Llave heavy duty 102

Llave heavy duty 102


Llave heavy duty 102



Agarre Llaves de cadena

Llave de cadena 103


  • Mordazas reversibles templadas de acero especial.
  • Acción carraca eficiente en ambos sentidos.
  • Cadena remachada de acero templado de gran resistencia para un agarre seguro y un afloje rápido.
  • Pintura Duramant®.
  • Fabricada según:

Llave de cadena 103 fabricado segun 



Llave de cadena 103

Llave de cadena 103



Agarre Llaves para tubo



  • Mango monoblock en aleación de aluminio ultraligero templado.
  • Misma durabilidad que la 102 con mayor ligereza (40% más ligera).
  • Mango forjado y sección en doble "T".
  • Fabricada según:

Llave de aluminio 104 tabla

Llave de aluminio 104

Llave de aluminio 104 plano

Llave de aluminio 104 tabla 2

Llave de aluminio 104 tabla