Cortacables Hidraulico

These Self-contained hydraulic cable cutters are precision engineered tools designed to give a clean cut with minimum effort. Just pump the handle, no outside power is required. Able to be easily carried, these models are favorites of contractors, rigging lofts and elevator repairmen, and are recommended by wire rope manufacturers worldwide. All three models will operate underwater.


 Cortacable Model W 075  Cortacable Model P 1125  Cortacable Model C 1750

Cortacable Plano


W-075, P-1125, C-1750

Cortacables Cuadro Descripciones


Overhaul Kit includes:

(Items listed must be purchased in kit form only)

Cortacables Cuadro Descripciones-2


Cortacable Impacto

The original portable tools invented in 1928 by Morse-Starrett to cut wire rope. Actuated by striking with a hammer, they are easy to operatea and will give a superior performance without jamming. They are precision-engineered to deliver a cut without affecting the original roundness of the wire rope. The blades and dies are made of the finest tool steel available, heat-treated, and ground to close tolerance.

Cortacable Impacto Model-1  Cortacable Impacto Model-1A  Cortacable Impacto Model-2


Model 1 (light duty)


Cortacable Impacto Model-1-tabla


Model 1A (heavy duty)


Cortacable Impacto Model-1A-tabla


Model 2 (extra heavy duty)


Cortacable Impacto Model-2-tabla